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The Eve Kit Service is a way for women to screen at home for HPV, which may cause cervical cancer. A separate or combination kit is also available to screen for chlamydia and gonorrhea, two common STIs. Women use the online ordering and patient intake platform at evekit.com to order a kit. They then collect a sample in the comfort of their own home before sending the kit with the collected sample to a certified clinical laboratory. Evekit.com also connects women with a physician and allows them to securely access their screening results online.

The Eve Kit Service is intended for people with vaginas who want to be proactive about their sexual health. It is especially beneficial for those that have delayed or avoided screening due to time constraints, awkwardness, wait times or other reasons.

We recognize that not everyone who should be screening for cervical cancer identifies as a woman. Screening is equally important for trans and non-binary individuals. Learn more here.

Eve Kit can only be purchased online at evekit.com at this time. It is not currently available through retail stores, but stay tuned!If you are a retailer interested in carrying Eve Kit in your store, please contact us at support@eve-medical.com.

Yes, Eve Kit is licensed by Health Canada. Additionally, Eve Medical is an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer.

Health and Screening

HPV Screening

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus responsible for 99% of cervical cancers. However, infections are relatively common and don’t always lead to cervical cancer – HPV can often clear on its own, especially in younger people. According to Cancer Care Ontario’s recommendations, HPV testing is most appropriate for women who are:

• Over 30 years of age
• Have not had a pap test in the last 3 years

Unless directed by a healthcare practitioner, women are generally recommended to test once every 3 years. This is because cervical cancer tends to develop slowly, and testing too often may lead to unnecessary and potentially harmful treatment. Regular screening is still recommended for those who have had the HPV vaccination.
Want to learn more about HPV? Click here.

We recognize that not everyone who should be screening for cervical cancer identifies as a woman. Screening is equally important for trans and non-binary individuals. Learn more here.

An HPV test and a Pap test are different types of tests, even through they’re both used, separately or together, to screen for the risk of cervical cancer or abnormal cells which may lead to cervical cancer.
HPV is a virus, and certain strains of HPV can lead to cervical cancer (abnormal cells detected by the Pap test). The HPV test will detect whether viral DNA of high risk HPV strains are present in your sample. But it won’t tell you if you have cancer or not. If HPV is present, the next step is usually a Pap test, which will be used to determine whether treatment is required.
In a Pap test, cells are collected directly from the cervix where cervical cancer would develop. A trained professional will look at your cells under a microscope to identify any abnormalities that could indicate pre-cancer or cancer. Sometimes if it’s hard to tell, the sample might be tested for HPV as well to confirm if the virus is present.
HPV testing and Pap tests are different, but they work together to provide information for doctors. Want to learn more about HPV and cervical cancer? Click here.

Yes! There are several high risk strains of HPV, only some of which are covered by the vaccine. Although the vaccine protects against the most dangerous ones, there is still some risk of developing cervical cancer. Screening is still important, even if you’ve been vaccinated.



Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening

Screening for STIs can be a good idea for most people who are sexually active. This is especially true if:

• You have a new sexual partner
• You or your partner have had other sexual partners
• Your sexual partner has an STI, or symptoms of an STI
• You have had unprotected sex, or the condom broke
• A former partner has informed you of an infection, or has symptoms
• You and/or your partner haven’t been screened within the last year
• You feel that you may be at risk for having an STI for another reason

Our Chlamydia & Gonorrhea kit is not available just yet, but you can sign up here for updates.
Want to learn more about STIs? Click here.

Currently only the HPV Eve Kit is available for sale. We expect to have a Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Eve Kit available soon. After that, we’ll be working on adding other screening tests as well.
If you are concerned about a different infection, we encourage you to speak with a medical professional. If you’re looking for additional resources that can help you get screened, click here.




The Eve Kit Service is a complement, but not a replacement, for your regular medical care. A wellness visit to your doctor includes a lot of important stuff other than cervical or STI screening! However, if accessing a doctor is difficult for you, or you’ve been putting off screening, the Eve Kit Service can offer you some peace of mind or let you know if you need to book a follow-up appointment.

The Eve Kit Service is not recommended for people who:
• Are pregnant
• Are not sexually active
• Are experiencing symptoms (such as genital sores or blisters, burning or pain when urinating, discharge or vaginal bleeding when it’s not your period, or irregular vaginal itching or smells)
• Are currently receiving treatment for HPV or precancerous lesions
Please seek in-person medical advice in these scenarios. If you’re looking for additional resources that can help you access screening, click here.

No. The Eve Kit Service should not be used during pregnancy. If you’d still like to order a kit, let us know and we can send it to you when your oven is bunless!


Registering an Account

You can create an account by clicking on the “Sign In” link above or by going to portal.evekit.com. If you’re planning on purchasing an Eve Kit, you will be asked to create an account automatically as part of the checkout process. Before you can finish creating your account, you will need to validate your email address. This is an important security measure to protect your account.

Yes, not least because it’s how you access your test results! We believe everyone should have convenient access to their health info, and registration allows us to provide your results in a secure manner. An account also allows you to access billing history, the status of your order, and other features, including connecting with a doctor if required. Lastly, we’re legally required to collect some of the info associated with your account in order to provide the testing that comes with the Eve Kit Service.



Account Settings

Login to your account at portal.evekit.com. Select “Your Profile” from the dropdown menu with your username. Edit any one of the fields and then save your changes.

Mo passwords, mo problems, right? Just go to portal.evekit.com and select “Forgot Password?” right under where you would normally login. You’ll be asked to enter your username or your email address and we’ll send you an email with instructions so that you can reset your password and access your account.

Yes, The Eve Kit portal is secure and private. We’ve built our system to protect your privacy, and ensure that only those who need it, like your physician, have access. For more information click here to read our full privacy policy.

Sure, no problem, though we’re sad to see you go. Send an email from the address associated with your account to support@eve-medical.com and we’ll help you to remove your info from the system. We can only do this manually at this time.

Ordering a Kit


Anyone that wants to screen can order the Eve Kit Service (provided you live in Canada)! You will need to complete a questionnaire and consent prior to finalizing your order to ensure that at-home screening is appropriate for you.

If you do not live in Canada, but would like to purchase the Eve Kit Service for someone who lives in Canada, you may purchase a gift card at our shop page.

No. A prescription is not required, but you will be required to enter some additional information when you first sign in to the evekit.com portal. You will be matched with a physician who will oversee your test once your order is placed.

Need a Kit immediately?
Contact our team

Before completing a kit order, we ask you to answer some basic questions to assess whether at-home screening is appropriate for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to complete an order if these questions aren’t answered. Don’t worry, if we can’t complete your order for any reason, you will not be charged.

Absolutely, and it’s wonderful that you want to give the gift of screening. Just order a gift card on the shop page, and we’ll get in contact with you to arrange a gift purchase. The recipient will still need to create an account and fill out the questionnaire and consent, however.

Cost / Reimbursement

The Eve Kit Service and home-based screening, along with HPV testing, are not currently covered by provincial health insurance. The Eve Kit Service is considered an uninsured service, and is therefore an out-of-pocket expense. However, the Eve Kit Service will be covered under some elective insurance plans, such as Health Spending Accounts (HSAs). Please note that free cervical screening and comprehensive STI testing (including tests that can’t be done at home!) are available for all Canadians who wish to visit a clinic. If you are looking for for additional resources that can help you access free screening, click here.

Unfortunately, we’re required to collect applicable federal and provincial taxes on your Eve Kit Service purchase. Tax will be added to your purchase automatically at checkout.

Collecting a Sample

When Your Kit Arrives

We’ll include a full set of instructions for collecting your sample inside of your kit. Just read carefully before you collect your sample!

Eve Kit was designed to be easy to use when collecting samples at home. Instructions for use with additional information and helpful tips will be included with your Eve Kit. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure that you are collecting your sample properly. If you ever have any questions, you can always contact us at support@eve-medical.com

Returning Your Sample

You should try to ship your sample right away! The sooner that it’s received at the lab, the better. You can drop the return box off in any mailbox or Canada post outlet.

Your kit comes with the lab’s address printed right on the back (postage is included too!). Just make sure to save the box when you open it, and then drop your kit with sample included in the mailbox.


Your sample will be analyzed at our partner lab in downtown Toronto, using the same tests they use when a sample is collected at the clinic. Our partner lab is a licensed hospital laboratory in downtown Toronto, and is an accredited ISO 15189 facility.

About your Results

Getting Your Results

You’ll be able to access your results through the portal at evekit.com (you will need to set up an account before completing your order). You will get a notification that the result is ready by email, but we will never post your result outside of the private portal.Learn more about our privacy policy here.You can access your results securely and privately by logging into your account at portal.evekit.com. After you login, just click on the relevant test to see your results.

Once your sample arrives at the lab, results should take less than a week. Count on a couple weeks including shipping.

You will receive a notification when your results is ready, but you can also check if your results are ready by logging into your Eve Kit account.

Results Follow-Up

We know that this can be stressful, but a positive result often means there’s something you can do about it. We’ll provide you with information about the result and one of our partner physicians will contact you about next steps and appropriate follow-up.

Yes, you can request that your results be sent to your family doctor after you receive them, by letting us know at support@eve-medical.com.

It’s important to keep in mind that no test is perfect or covers everything, so you should continue to be vigilant about your health! Don’t forget to continue to screen again in three years.

Legal Info

The Eve Kit portal is secure and private. We’ve built our system to protect your privacy, and ensure that only those who need it, like your physician, have access.To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.


That’s awesome! Send an email to media@eve-medical.com and we’ll be in touch.

Great. We thought you might. We’ve put together a special section of the site just for healthcare providers – click here to check it out. Or get in touch with us at support@eve-medical.com. We would love to hear from you.

We’re always interested in learning about new opportunities! Please get in touch with us at support@eve-medical.com



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